As I’ve mentioned on the About Page, I’ve done some website design as a creative outlet and alternate ways to present some of my academic work and other various projects.

designSTUDIO_2003 | LEFTOVER + 2

leftover people building with leftover materials in leftover spaces.

The nineSTONES project was the initial exploration for my second semester graduate design studio.  The idea of asociety of rooms was a prescribed statement used to create a theme through the six individual assignments.  The presentation method of each assignment changed, thus some are not on the web.

Graduate Thesis

Developing a Better Understand of Design Through Informal Architecture

Ultimately this study of conventional Western architecture and informal architecture of precarious settlements comes down to a comparison of the process and materials architects use to design the built environment. Gaining an understanding of non-Western architecture and construction will lead me to being able to better define good design.