The first time I read about this magical machine was in Fast Co. magazine. The first time I used one was at BGR Burger Joint (pictured). From the time I read about this new coke machine, until today, has probably been a year and a half. I could look up the exact dates, but going from memory is more important to me.

If I could be a kid again and make a “suicide-pop”, or go back to those college studio nights and fill the Mega-Ricker, this is the one amazing machine I would love to have enhance those moments.

But other than the coolness factor, the new Coke machine, reminds me of the times I would read Popular Science/Mechanics and think, “Wow, that’s so cool. When are they going to build a plane that flies into outer space? Or a flashlight with a beam so focused and intense it can be seen a mile away….”

This new Coke machine might not be as earth-shattering or pushing any frontier, but it is a bit revolutionary and it did make it from the page to reality. And for me, that is what’s exciting… I got to witness the pace of technology. This isn’t another Popular Mechanics moment, this became real and I touched it. HOW EXCITING!


Touchscreen, multi-soda-select, single nozzle of awesomeness!

With all those wonderful pop/soda/coke and cool technology memories behind me in life, now I just step back and take a picture because it is likely to last longer and wait for the next innovation to appear in front of me.

Suicide-pop – “A tasty pale brownish drink made by mixing together all of the available flavors of pop at a restaurant (except for water).
Although each suicide should be different, they all taste curiously similar.” via Urban Dictionary