Abstract Flotilla



I think the images speak for themselves. But here are a few of my thoughts too.

Flotilla i

The landscape has been inverted but the temperature is still rising.

Flotilla iii

A scribbled story is told in a hurry just before the storms rain down.

Flotilla vi

The White City has been set in the sea. This time it is pastoral and built with harsh blows.

Flotilla vii

Gauges measure the ebb and flow. The moon is always constant.

Flotilla v

The long-haulers make the journey that the little guys only dream of. In return, they are bashed and beaten into place so they can fit in around the little guys until they are allowed to leave.

Flotilla ii

Weekly, I read about the rise of contemporary art in India. Where have they been looking? I took one boat ride and found contemporary art that has been a work in progress for the last 10 years.

Flotilla iv

Stains of strain.

Flotilla ix

Life is always half full, even during rough seas.


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  1. rohit p.

    Did you shoot these? Love ’em. Like the captions.

  2. Thanks Rohit. I shot these from a boat going between Mumbai and Elephanta Island. It was fun trying to time the waves and framing the view I wanted for each.

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