mathew j hart, a brief introduction

I am an Architect with extensive experience in base building design, interiors projects, master-planning and urban design. I have been very fortunate to work on many design projects that have helped me develop skills in design presentation, consultant coordination, document development, construction administration and throughout the process, I have been engaged with clients to understand their needs for successful projects.

mjhartdesign.com history

Currently under construction.

The bones of this website were created during fleeting hours of early mornings while I was completing my studio thesis at Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning. I’m not totally sure why I started a web design portfolio, maybe just to be different. But since then, I’ve found that I need web design to keep up with the world. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other “about me” websites have made it easy to display work, but for some reason they just are not me. So until those websites reflect me, my style and my work I’m going to keep this work in progress going.

mjhartdesign 2.0 was launched September 2009, six years after the original mjhART:design, circa December 2002. mjhartdesign 2.0 is dedicated to a little higher design and collecting my writing about design and bringing it all together under one heading.

[November 2010]  Now, one year later and it’s just time to update mjhartdesign.com to simplify and unify the presentation of all my academic and professional work. Thanks to some major developments in DIY-web design and a little more experience on my part, I’m able to transfer all my work to one site and make a stronger presentation.

[May 2013]  I recently passed all of my Architectural Registration Exams (ARE) and have been asked, “So what’s next?” The first step will be mjhartdesign.com. Let’s call it version 3.0. The work and presentation will be familiar to my past work, but I am making more of an effort to express my project roles and profession experience.

[May 2014] version 3.14159265 and mjhartdesign.com is going in circles. I have not had many projects to update in the past year, but I have started to get more serious about photography. So as another outlet for design ideas, I have started posting new photos, but will soon have older ones and my thoughts behind the photos. As I started in a recent post, “I think they speak for themselves,” but maybe that’s not always so obvious.


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  1. Way to go on rocking the exams buddy!

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